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Giving @ Helios

We are investors looking for a return on our investments. Over the years, we have found that  best returns don’t come from just good financial investments.

Giving back to society and supporting causes close to your heart provide even higher and more satisfying psychological and emotional returns. Our founders and team members have varied interests and causes that they deeply care about and we believe in “giving it back” and “paying it forward”, in whatever humble way we can.

Dave and his wife Reba Williams gifted their renowned collection of more than 5,000 American print works from the period 1875 to 1975 and representing more than 2,000 artists to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. The collection is unrivalled in its scope and is among the largest and finest private collections of American prints in the world. Dave and Reba had been collecting these prints for over 35 years, before giving away all of them to the National Gallery.

Samir Arora is a founder of Ashoka University, India. His gift is being used to grant scholarships each year to a few students attending Ashoka. Samir has also funded a bursary at Singapore University of Technology and Design. This bursary award provides financial assistance to one deserving undergraduate studying at SUTD each year. On a regular basis, Samir & Helios Capital also support various organizations like Singapore Children’s Society, SPD (serving people with disabilities) and BMDP.

Our Singapore based parent, Helios Capital Management Pte. Ltd, has donated 100% of the funds received from the Singapore government under the “Jobs Support Scheme” (in response to covid19) to Singapore based organizations such as Community Chest (The Courage Fund), Singapore Children’s Society and SPD which are working to alleviate the negative impact of current crisis on vulnerable groups.

Over and above making regular financial donations, some of our team members also do voluntary work in the field of sports and fund raising for worthy charitable organizations.