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Helios Capital Management (India) Private Limited

About Helios India

The God of Sun goes by various names – from Surya in India and Tai Yang Gong in China to Kane in Hawaii and Lugh in Ireland. In Greek mythology, Helios is the God of Sun – the brightest star in the sky that has been universally worshipped as the natural source of light, energy, warmth and nutrition on Earth since the start of time. According to mythology, Helios rode his chariot across the sky from east to west every day pulling the sun, and each night he rode back to the east, to diligently start again next morning. In addition, according to Hometic poems, Helios is described as the God who sees and hears everything and had an ethical and prophetic nature.

We are inspired by Helios for he has all the qualities one would seek in a good fund manager: strong purpose carried out with diligence, ability to see everything from his vantage point and an ethical and prophetic nature.

 Helios is licensed by Securities & Exchange Board of India to offer Portfolio Management Services (PMS). Our flagship investment product is the Helios India Rising PMS.

Our parent is Singapore based Helios Capital Management Pte. Ltd. (“Helios”), holding a Capital Markets Services License from the Monetary Authority of Singapore and registered as a Foreign Portfolio Investor with the Securities and Exchange Board of India. Helios, founded in 2005, currently manages both India focused long/short and long only funds/mandates and a globally focused long only fund.

Founders of Helios  (Dave Williams, Karan Trehan and Samir Arora) have senior asset management experience and were pioneers in Indian asset management industry jointly setting up one of India’s first private sector AMCs in 1994 (in their prior roles). Additionally, Samir Arora has one of the longest track records (26+ years on the long side) in the Indian fund management business. He is also one of the most experienced India fund managers on the short side with a 15+ year track record.

Senior employees of Helios and Helios India have all closely worked together for more than a decade and we expect to work together for a long time to come. We believe that we have one of the longest cumulative India investing experience among alternative funds space and more importantly we have stayed together through volatile times in the Indian market. We are bound together by shared belief that India is a great equity market and our unshaken faith in our ability to deliver competitive returns to investors accompanied with full transparency.

Our philosophy towards our investors is simple:

We have serious reputational & financial “skin in the game” & take our fiduciary responsibility extremely seriously. We consider our relationship with our investors as sacred. We will not let you down knowingly and will always be open and fair with you. On any thing where we have control, we will do whatever is first right for you.

Giving @ Helios

We are investors looking for a return on our investments. Over the years, we have found that  best returns don’t come from just good financial investments.

Giving back to society and supporting causes close to your heart provide even higher and more satisfying psychological and emotional returns. Our founders and team members have varied interests and causes that they deeply care about and we believe in “giving it back” and “paying it forward”, in whatever humble way we can.

Dave and his wife Reba Williams gifted their renowned collection of more than 5,000 American print works from the period 1875 to 1975 and representing more than 2,000 artists to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. The collection is unrivalled in its scope and is among the largest and finest private collections of American prints in the world. Dave and Reba had been collecting these prints for over 35 years, before giving away all of them to the National Gallery.

Samir Arora is a founder of Ashoka University, India. His gift is being used to grant scholarships each year to a few students attending Ashoka. Samir has also funded a bursary at Singapore University of Technology and Design. This bursary award provides financial assistance to one deserving undergraduate studying at SUTD each year. On a regular basis, Samir & Helios Capital also support various organizations like Singapore Children’s Society, SPD (serving people with disabilities) and BMDP.

Our Singapore based parent, Helios Capital Management Pte. Ltd, has donated 100% of the funds received from the Singapore government under the “Jobs Support Scheme” (in response to covid19) to Singapore based organizations such as Community Chest (The Courage Fund), Singapore Children’s Society and SPD which are working to alleviate the negative impact of current crisis on vulnerable groups.

Over and above making regular financial donations, some of our team members also do voluntary work in the field of sports and fund raising for worthy charitable organizations.

Compliants Data

PMS Compliant Data for the month ending Feb 2023

Sr. No.Received fromPending at the end of last monthReceivedResolved*Total Pending#Pending complaints > 3monthsAverage Resolution time^
(in days)
1Directly from Investors000000
2SEBI (SCORES)000000
3Other Sources (if any)000000
Grand Total000000

*Average Resolution time is the sum total of time taken to resolve each complaint in days, in the current month divided by total number of complaints resolved in the current month.


Trend of monthly disposal of complaints

Sr. No.MonthCarried forward from previous monthReceivedResolved*Pending#
Grand Total0000

*Inclusive of complaints of previous months resolved in the current month.
#Inclusive of complaints pending as on the last day of the month.


Trend of annual disposal of complaints

Sr. No.YearCarried forward from previous yearReceivedResolved**Pending##
Grand Total0000

** Inclusive of complaints of previous years resolved in the current year.
## Inclusive of complaints pending as on the last day of the year.